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Customer Testimonials

Dear Lance and Associates:

Thank you for the most pleasant vehicle buying experience I have had in my life. My first car was purchased from my uncle, a used 1967 Pontiac Bonneville, turquoise, with 100,000 miles on it, for $600 in 1976. He said the car was solid. It sure was; it was so solid that it stopped working after three months. Thus was my baptism into the world of buying cars!

Since that experience, I have purchased 10 cars in three different states. My last car purchase became a battle to get my car keys back because I did not like the high-pressure salesman. I decided to never go to that dealership again, and I haven't.

I was apprehensive when approaching the thought of buying another vehicle. I received your name from a highly respected fellow teacher here at Auburn High School.

I cannot begin to tell you how different my experience has been with My Town Motors. Wow. From the first moment I drove onto the lot, I was greeted with smiles and graciousness, and not one iota of pressure.

My entire buying process, from the beginning to the end has been like dealing with family, only this time honest family who had my best interests at heart! There was never any pressure. Doing my financing with Michelle was very pleasant; she made even my non-mathematical brain understand all of the details.

All I can say is that I have finally found the place where I will buy my vehicles, and recommend that my friends and family buy their vehicles, and that place is My Town Motors. The honesty and integrity starts right at the top, with you, Lance, and extends down to your entire staff.

Thanks for helping me get my dream truck!!

Sincerely Yours,

Thomas J. Kaup, NBCT
National Board Certified Teacher

This is not about buying a car. On Feb 25, 2015, after a long 6 hour drive to reach Auburn, to attend a wake for my cousin who had just passed away, Nick Konkler. I could not find the hotel I had booked. It was after dark, raining, and had been driving around for an hour, frustrated and in tears. At a stop light, I saw this sign, "We Miss Nick". Yes, this was for my cousin. They were so kind and helpful, wiped my tears, lead me to the hotel, waited , and then lead me to the wake. The point is: they treated me with respect, and kindness, a stranger, which tells me they will treat customers the same way. So, if you want a dealer who will help, guide, treat you right, and you can trust, go to My Town Motors. I would..and no, they don't know that I have written this post. Thank You.

Cecelia Prince


John Tsakonas

I just brought home a 2011 Jetta and I'm feeling like I got a great deal. Thanks HTM!!!

Mary Schlesinger Wilson

What a great bunch of people! Honest, fair and helpful.

Brian LaRonge

Always a nice selection of inventory of great cars at My Town Motors, excellent prices and a nice bunch of folks that make buying a car fun and easy!

Alan Kalfaolu

Great Place to buy a car!

Kendra Jay

Best experience I've ever had looking for a car. Lance, Michelle and Brett are fantastic. I couldn't have possibly asked to be treated better!

Alison Baumeister

I just got a 2001 dodge Dakota Crew Cab from here and it runs great

Cory Drew

Thank you for being so wonderful to me and my daughter.

Denise Livermore Baumeister

Thanks My Town Motors for everything !!! Thanks for the great car and being friends.

Rick Sequin

Best experience I've ever had looking for a car. Lance, Michelle and Brett are fantastic. I couldnt have possibly asked to be treated better. Love daddys new Diesel Thank you guys

Brian K. Spiker